Welcome to my blog on ancient Greek literature and anything to do with ancient Greece. Whether I will get any readers or not I don’t know but I hope my meanderings might interest one or two people.

The title of this blog was inspired when reading Plato and seeing that it set off sparks in your mind and trains of thought and new ways of looking at things. However this blog is not confined to Plato or philosophy but all Greek literature from Homer to – well some vague point when ancient Greek stopped being ancient Greek.

This is a strictly non-academic blog inspired by an interest and love of Greek literature but by someone who has huge gaps in their knowledge and areas of ignorance that I have no doubt my items will display. There are other excellent blogs around some academic and some not that cover ancient Greece so I am not filling any gaps in the market. But anyway if it serves no other purpose at least it will help me remember my own thoughts.

My aim is to write an article a week.

As for myself, my education was in classics and I got my degree from Oxford many years ago. I live in Reading UK and my occupation until recently was a software engineer. Just one of the many careers that a classical education can lead you to.

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  1. Another Plato lover! Nice to meet you.

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