Saw toothed dogs

When Homer describes something. It is often difficult to picture it in your mind. One example is  this when he gives a simile containing saw toothed dogs.

As when two saw toothed dogs skilled in hunting keep harrying a young deer or hare through a wooded place, and he runs in front of them squealing.
ὡς δ᾽ ὅτε καρχαρόδοντε δύω κύνε εἰδότε θήρης
ἢ κεμάδ᾽ ἠὲ λαγωὸν ἐπείγετον ἐμμενὲς αἰεὶ
χῶρον ἀν᾽ ὑλήενθ᾽, ὃ δέ τε προθέῃσι μεμηκώς,

Iliad 10.360

So what does a saw toothed dog look like. Well maybe something like this

Metope depicting Artemis and Actaeon devoured by dogs, 470-460 BC, relief from the temple in Selinunte, Sicily, Italy. Ancient Greek civilization, Magna Graecia, 5th Century BC. Palermo, Museo Archeologico Regionale (Archaeological Musem).

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