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An ox sanctuary

If you go round Greece today, you may see donkey sanctuaries. Until recently donkeys were extensively used but were often ill treated at least to English sensibilities and so often the sanctuaries were set up by English people. Well even … Continue reading

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Lions and lionesses

In this passage from the Iliad, Homer compares the two warriors called Ajax to two lions snatching a goat from under some dogs, presumably after a hunt. Richard Janko, a Homeric scholar, says that this is unrealistic because lions do … Continue reading

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Which book of the Iliad to start on.

When you study Greek at school as opposed to university, you never read works in their entirety but a chapter here or there. For example one book of the Iliad, one book of the Odyssey, a book of Thucydides etc. … Continue reading

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Sylvester and Tweetie Pie

From the Greek Anthology 7.205 Agathias Scholasticus Οἰκογενὴς αἴλουρος ἐμὴν πέρδικα φαγοῦσα ζώειν ἡμετέροις ἔλπεται ἐν μεγάροις·οὔ σε, φίλε πέρδιξ, φθιμένην ἀγέραστον ἐάσω, ἀλλ’ ἐπὶ σοὶ κτείνω τὴν σέθεν ἀντιβίην.ψυχὴ γὰρ σέο μᾶλλον ὀρίνεται, εἰσόκε ῥέξω ὅσσ’ ἐπ’ Ἀχιλλῆος Πύρρος … Continue reading

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In book 23 Achilles has a dream in which the ghost of Patrocles appears asking for his funeral to take place as quickly as possible because until that is done he cannot enter the house of Hades. He also asks … Continue reading

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