There are now a large number of Internet resources for those trying to read Ancient Greek. Number one has to be Perseus which I discussed in another post . Another facility that I have found really useful is Scribd. This is a site that contains thousands of books and documents that you can download freely. Of course the books have to be out of copyright bit it includes a large number of the Loeb texts. I use the Scribd application on my IPad and I found the texts perfectly readable.

To my surprise I also found The commentary on the Iliad edited by Kirk. As this is only twenty to twenty five years old I was surprised to find it there. To buy the complete set would cost new $300, well beyond my book buying budget. I have been reading the iliad painstakingly for several months now using a version of Walter Leaf’s commentary first published in 1898. This is in itself excellent but archaeology and scholarship have thrown up so much since then. Even Kirks commentary must now be a bit dated but a doubt whether there has been as detailed a one since then. Each set of four books has a different commentator so there are differences in style and emphasis. I particularly like Richard Janko’s commentary on books 17 to 20. If I have one complaint it is that these commentaries are too detailed and to follow them completely when reading the Iliad would so interrupt your flow when reading that you would lose all enjoyment. 

With any luck I will stumble across other treasures in Scribd.
At any rate with all these books on line, it is easy to build up a virtual collection of all the best books whether you are educated not. 

καὶ μὴν ἐναντίον ἐστὶν οὗ ἐθέλεις ὃ νῦν ποιεῖς. οἴει μὲν γὰρ ἐνπαιδείᾳ καὶ αὐτὸς εἶναί τις δόξειν σπουδῇ συνωνούμενος τὰκάλλιστα τῶν βιβλίων:

You are doing the opposite of what you want to do. Do you think that you are going get a reputation for being educated by eagerly collecting the best books.

Lucian to the uneducated Man who buys many books.

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