A beached dolphin

A beautiful poem from Anyte
Οὐκέτι δὴ πλωτοῖσιν ἀγαλλόμενος πελάγεσσιν
αὐχέν᾿ ἀναρρίψω βυσσόθεν ὀρνύμενος,
οὐδὲ περὶ σκαλμοῖσι νεὼς περικαλλέα χείλη
ποιφύσσω τἀμᾷ τερπόμενος προτομᾷ,
ἀλλὰ με πορφυρέα πόντου νοτὶς ὦσ᾿ ἐπὶ χέρσον,
κεῖμαι δὲ ῥαδινὰν τάνδε παρ’ ἠιόνα.

No longer enjoying myself in the sailing seas

Will I throw up my neck leaping up from the deep,
Nor around the benches of a ship will I puff out
My beautiful lips taking delight in my own figurehead,
But the purple back of the sea has pushed me onto land
And I lie beside this narrow beach.  

AP 6.312 = G.P. XIII (714-7) = Geogh. 13

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