We are immortal


οὐκ ἂν ἀνὴρ τοιαῦτα σοφὸς φρεσὶ μαντεύσαιτο,
ὡς ὄφρα μέν τε βιῶσι, τὸ δὴ βίοτον καλέουσι,
τόφρα μὲν οὖν εἰσίν, καί σφιν πάρα δειλὰ καὶ ἐσθλά,
πρὶν δὲ πάγεν τε βροτοὶ καὶ [ἐπεὶ] λύθεν, οὐδὲν ἄρ’ εἰσιν.

No wise man would suppose this in his thoughts that while they live what they call life then they exist and experience misery and good, but before they are put together as mortals and when they are dissolved, they are nothing.

Plut., Adv. Col. 1113 D

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2 Responses to We are immortal

  1. What a beautifully complex thought. The use of a negation to affirm a belief is so Greek and yet to delightfully confusing. I agree, though. It is not reasonable to believe that we exist only here, in the moment, whilst we reason we are to disappear later, or never existed before. If we are, we are. What we are may change, but who we are must have been and will always be. What beauty!


  2. platosparks says:

    Thanks. I had had this post on hold for some time as I couldn’t think of the words to go with it. Y ou have supplied them.

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