Spring has come

It’s a lovely Spring day here in England. It’s reached 16 Centigrade and the sun is shining. Winter seems well and truly over. It’s a similar sentiment to this poem from the Greek Anthology. Spring is here and the sailing season can start. The Greek sailing season may not have started until April but the swallows start coming in March so it is appropriate for the time of year.

Ὁ πλόος ὡραῖος• καὶ γὰρ λαλαγεῦσα χελιδὼν ἤδη μέμβλωκεν χὠ χαρίεις ζέφυρος•

λειμῶνες δ’ ἀνθεῦσι, σεσίγηκεν δὲ θάλασσα κύμασι καὶ τρηχεῖ πνεύματι βρασσομένη.

ἀγκύρας ἀνέλοιο καὶ ἐκλύσαιο γύαια, ναυτίλε, καὶ πλώοις πᾶσαν ἐφεὶς ὀθόνην.

ταῦθ’ ὁ Πρίηπος ἐγὼν ἐπιτέλλομαι, ὁ λιμενίτας, ὤνθρωφ’, ὡς πλώοις πᾶσαν ἐπ’ ἐμπορίην.

It is the season for sailing for the chattering swallow is now here and the gentle west wind. The meadows are in flower and the sea is calm from being battered with waves and rough winds. Take up the anchor and untie the stern cables, sailor, and set sail with the sheet let out. I, Priapus, am telling you this, the God of the harbour, so you can voyage for every sort of trade.

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