My soul upon my lips

This short poem was attributed to Plato and was about the playwright Agathon who appears in Plato’s dialogue Symposium. In fact it was probably not written by Plato and could refer to another Agathon. 

The strength of the poem lies in the last word which in the Greek sounds as though the soul was just teetering on the edge of crossing over.

Τὴν ψυχὴν Ἀγάθωνα φιλῶν ἐπὶ χείλεσιν ἔσχον·
ἦλθε γὰρ ἡ τλήμων ὡς διαβησομένη. 

Kissing Agathon, I held my soul upon my lips;
It came, poor thing, as if it were going to cross over.

(AG βιβλ. 5, ἐπίγρ. 78)

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