I just regard Lupins as a garden flower but to the a Greeks it was food but eating Lupins was associated with poverty.

ἀλλὰ κυλίκιον
ὑδαρὲς ὁ παῖς περιῆγε τοῦ πεντωβόλου,
ἀτρέμα παρεξεστηκός: ὅ τ᾽ ἀλιτήριος
καὶ δημόκοινος ἐπεχόρευε δαψιλὴς
θέρμος, πενήτων καὶ τρικλίνου συμπότης.

But the boy brought round a small watery cup of five-obol wine standing there without motion and the common and abundant lupin was dancing by its side, the drinking mate of poor men and three-couch parties.

Athenaeus 10.15 ( Lycophron of Chalcis in Menedemos a satyr play)

This is a picture of a lupin I took in Crete – whether it was the sort eaten by the Greeks I don’t know.


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