There is a Roman Villa in Skala in Kephalonia with an interesting mosaic.This depicts four large cats (a tiger, a lion, a panther and a leopard?? ) attacking a man with some writing underneath. When I visited a few years ago I took the picture below. I have now found the inscription online which is as follows.

IG IX 1², 4, 1498
3.Jh. n.Chr.

ὦ Φθόνε ∙ καί σου τήνδε ὀλοῆς
φρενὸς εἰκόνα γράψε ∙/
ζωγράφος ∙ ἣν Κράτερος θήκα–
το λαϊνέην/
οὐχ ὅτι τειμήεις σὺ μετ᾿ ἀνδρά–
σιν, ἀλλ᾿ ὅτι θνητῶν /
ὄλβοις βασκ[α]ίνων σχῆμα τό–
δε ἀμφεβά̣λου·/
ἐς τί[σ]ιν̣ ἄ̣[ρ᾿] πάντεσσιν ἐνώπιος
ἕσταθι, τλήμων, /
τηκεδόνος φθονερῶν δεῖγμα
φέρων στύγιον.


Envy, it is of your destructive thought that the artist has made this picture which Krateros has made from stone not because you are honoured among men but begrudging mortal men their wealth you have taken on this shape. In return stand face to face before all men, wretch, bearing the hateful example of the wasting away of jealous men.

I suppose the picture is envy gnawed away by seeing the wealth of others.


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