Gifts to Achilles

The gifts that Achilles would have had from Agamemnon are probably more lavish than what got for Christmas but I don’t know what I would have done with them.

ἂψ ἐθέλω ἀρέσαι δόμεναί τ᾽ ἀπερείσι᾽ ἄποινα.
ὑμῖν δ᾽ ἐν πάντεσσι περικλυτὰ δῶρ᾽ ὀνομήνω
ἕπτ᾽ ἀπύρους τρίποδας, δέκα δὲ χρυσοῖο τάλαντα,
αἴθωνας δὲ λέβητας ἐείκοσι, δώδεκα δ᾽ ἵππους
πηγοὺς ἀθλοφόρους, οἳ ἀέθλια ποσσὶν ἄροντο.
οὔ κεν ἀλήϊος εἴη ἀνὴρ ᾧ τόσσα γένοιτο,
οὐδέ κεν ἀκτήμων ἐριτίμοιο χρυσοῖο,
ὅσσά μοι ἠνείκαντο ἀέθλια μώνυχες ἵπποι.
δώσω δ᾽ ἑπτὰ γυναῖκας ἀμύμονα ἔργα ἰδυίας
Λεσβίδας, ἃς ὅτε Λέσβον ἐϋκτιμένην ἕλεν αὐτὸς
ἐξελόμην, αἳ κάλλει ἐνίκων φῦλα γυναικῶν.

I want to make it up with him and give him immeasurable recompense. In front of all these people I will name the wonderful gifts – seven tripods untouched by fire, ten talents of gold, twenty shiny cauldrons, ten horses, strong and race winners who will win prizes with their running. That man would not be without land or without precious gold who had the prizes that these single hoofed horses have won for me. I will give him seven women skilled in handiwork from Lesbos who when he himself took the well-situated island I chose for myself and who were better in beauty than the tribes of women.

Iliad 9.121

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1 Response to Gifts to Achilles

  1. Gove them away, of course; to make good with neighbors and conquer by sheer giving.


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