A goat free rock

We don’t know the meaning of every word in Homer. In the following simile Homer compares Agamemnon’s tears to the water of a dark spring trickling down a rock. The rock has the epithet αἰγίλιψ for which Liddell and Scott give “destitute even of goats hence steep, sheer”. However this is disputed and to me doesn’t seem that likely.

ἂν δ᾽ Ἀγαμέμνων
ἵστατο δάκρυ χέων ὥς τε κρήνη μελάνυδρος
ἥ τε κατ᾽ αἰγίλιπος πέτρης δνοφερὸν χέει ὕδωρ

Agamemnon stood up letting fall a tear like the water that a dark spring lets fall from a goat-free rock.

Iliad 9.13

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