Seasonal Affective Disorder

A recent article in the Guardian (Dr Dillner’s dilemma) talks about SAD (seasonal defective disorder) . It says that the disorder was recognised in Ancient Greece and that Arataeus of Cappadocia advises that “lethargics are to be laid out in the sun…”.

After a little bit of research I tracked down the origin of this here

Surprisingly I have self diagnosed myself with this and just need my family to recognise my condition and apply the appropriate treatment – at least to the extent that I have quoted it below.

Κεφ. β’. Θεραπεία Ληθαργικῶν.

Ληθαργικοῖσι κατάκλισις ἐν φωτὶ καὶ πρὸς αὐγήν· ζόφος γὰρ ἡ νοῦσος· ἠδὲ ἐν ἀλέῃ μᾶλλον· ψῦξις γὰρ ἔμφυτος ἡ αἰτίη. κοίτη εὐαφὴς, τοιχογραφίη, στρώματα ποικίλα, πάντα ὁκόσα περ ἐρεθιστικὰ ὄψιος, λαλιὴ, ψηλαφίη ξὺν πιέσι ποδῶν·

Treatment of lethargics

Lay them out in the light and towards the rays of the sun. For the condition is one of darkness. And preferably in a warm spot. For the cause is an innate tendency to be cold. Give them a soft bed, a nice picture on the wall, embroidered blankets, anything that stimulates the the sense of sight, conversation, foot massages.

Aret CA 1.4

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  1. That’s my kind of treatment!

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