Oh my Lola

Kink’s fans among you may remember the song “Lola”

Well, I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
Why she walk like a woman and talk like a man
Oh my Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola

In my last post I quoted Antoninus Liberalis on the origin of the war between the Pygmies and the cranes. Well out of curiosity I read on to the next section which was about Leukippos and her sex change. It was the bit about Hypermestra that reminded me of Lola. Her clients probably had the same experience.

Antoninus Liberalis ιζ Λευκιππος

Galatea, the daughter of Eurutios the son of Sparton, married Lampros, the son of Pandion, in Phaistos in Crete. He was man of a noble family but of limited means. When Galatea became pregnant, he prayed to have a male child and he told his wife if she had a girl to expose her. Now he went away to tend his sheep but Galatea gave birth to a daughter. Pitying the child and taking into account the remoteness of their house, and what is more dreams and oracles were in alignment which told her to bring up the girl as a boy, she lied to Lampros saying she had given birth to a male child and she brought him up as a boy calling him Leukippos. When the girl grew up and her beauty was extraordinary, Galatea became afraid that it wouldn’t be possible to keep it hidden from Lampros any more so she fled to the temple of Leto and begged her many times asking her if it was possible for her child to become a son instead of a daughter just as Caenessa (Kainis), the daughter of Atrax, had become Caen (Kaineus) the Lapith and Teiresias had become a woman instead of a man because he had chanced upon and killed snakes making love at the crossroads and then become a man again after repeatedly hitting the serpent. And Hypermestra who earned her living by selling herself as a woman, but then used to change into a man and take back provisions to her father Aithon. And the Cretan Siproites changed his sex because while out hunting he saw Artemis washing herself. After continually crying and entreating Leto, Leto took pity on her and changed the nature of the girl to a boy. The Phaistians still remember this transformation and sacrifice to Leto the Grower because she grew genitals on the girl. And they call the feast the “Stripping” because the girl stripped her dress off. It is customary at weddings to first lie down next to the statue of Leukippos.

I don’t have the Greek in an easy cut and paste form but it can be found at

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