The murmur of innumerable bees

I like it when Homer gets onomatopoeic. For example in the following simile I feel that I am hearing the bees that Homer heard almost 3000 years ago. It transports me back in time.

ἐπεσσεύοντο δὲ λαοί.
ἠΰτε ἔθνεα εἶσι μελισσάων ἁδινάων
πέτρης ἐκ γλαφυρῆς αἰεὶ νέον ἐρχομενάων,
βοτρυδὸν δὲ πέτονται ἐπ᾽ ἄνθεσιν εἰαρινοῖσιν
αἳ μέν τ᾽ ἔνθα ἅλις πεποτήαται, αἳ δέ τε ἔνθα:

The peoples rushed just like the swarms of close packed bees ever coming forth from a hollow rock and they fly in clusters over the spring flowers. Some fly together in one place and some in another place.

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