Would you mount a fury?

ὕπνῳ πεσοῦσαι δ᾽ αἱ κατάπτυστοι κόραι,
γραῖαι παλαιαὶ παῖδες, αἷς οὐ μείγνυται
θεῶν τις οὐδ᾽ ἄνθρωπος οὐδὲ θήρ ποτε

These horrible virgins have fallen asleep, old women, ancient children, whom no god or man or beast ever mounts.

I saw the Eumenides yesterday at the Oxford playhouse in Greek with an English translation projected on the screen. I was quite surprised that the translator used the word mounts to translate μείγνυται. This word can and often does have sexual connotations although whether it is ever so crude as mounts I am not sure. I would have taken the meaning here as social rather than sexual intercourse.

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