Death of a daughter in Crete

The Packard humanities institute has a site on searchable Greek inscriptions at

This has thousands of inscriptions from all over the Greek world. A lot of the inscriptions are incomplete. Some are even just one letter so you could spend a long time browsing and not really find anything meaningful. There is however a certain satisfaction when you do come across one. The following is an epitaph by her father for his dead daughter in Crete. I am not sure of the significance of covering the grey hair. I am guessing it is part of the funeral rites.

Regions : Aegean Islands, incl. Crete (IG XI-[XIII]) : Crete
IC I v 40   
Crete, Ctr. — Arkades — 1st c. BC

α Κοΐν-
ὦ θυγάτηρ [μ]οῦ, ἥν {γ̣’} ἔ̣-
τρεφον εἰς γῆρας ἐμαυτοῦ |
ὥστε τρίχ’ ἂν πολιὴν [σὺ]
καλύψῃς, ὡς πρέπ[ον ἐστί]· |
ἦλθε δ’ ὁ δυσ[πε]νθ[ὴ]ς Ἀ[ΐδης]
κ̣αὶ ἀπήγαέ [σ’] ὠ[κύ] | καλλ[ο]-
σύνην τὴν σὴν ἰσιδὼν
[καὶ] θος ἄμεμπτον |
[— — — — — —]οσκετ[—]․[—]γ̣ι̣

Damatria daughter of Kointos

O my daughter whom I brought up for my old age to cover my grey hair as is right, but bitter death came and swiftly took her away when he saw her beauty and blameless way of life…….

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